Whiten the Right Way

Treat Your Smile with the Safest Teeth Whitening Service Around


Having a smile that you’re comfortable and proud to share with the world is attainable, we promise! When people see celebrities’ grins on television, it seems like an impossible dream that you could also have the same kind of confident smile. Don’t fret – you’re able to have an improved, brighter smile without the extraordinary costs that celebrities pay for. With the help of our teeth whitening in San Antonio, patients are able to have a professional-looking smile in less than an hour!


Here at our office, we offer two methods of teeth whitening for patients. Our first option is to schedule a treatment at our location, where your teeth will be whitened anywhere between 30-60 minutes. We utilize professional grade, medical strength bleach that will quickly brighten the shade of your teeth and we make sure that it’s safe and practical. Our other option is a take-home treatment; patients are given custom-fit trays that contain a whitening solution (it isn’t as strong as the one at our office for safety and monitoring reasons) and are instructed to wear the trays for either 30 minutes a session or overnight for two weeks.


There are countless whitening kits that can be bought at your local pharmacy or grocery store, but not everyone gets the results that they want. When you purchase a kit at the store, you’re getting the same type of whitening solution that everyone else who purchases it is getting, but your smile may need a different, more personal type of treatment that isn’t available. Many patients don’t even know what kind of whitening treatment they need! That’s where we come in – we’re able to provide for you a special treatment that’s unique to your smile, or provide you with direct instructions with our take-home treatment that will improve the shade of your teeth.


If you’re interested in learning more about our teeth whitening in San Antonio, give us a call! Our office is proudly offering a free take-home whitening kit for new patients who want to brighten their smile, so call us today at (210) 910-1111 to learn more or to schedule an appointment.