Sinus Lift For Dental Implants in San Antonio

SINUS LIFT FOR DENTAL IMPLANTS The maxillary sinus cavities are air-filled spaces in the head, just above your upper back teeth and behind your cheekbones. In many people, the roots of the upper teeth extend up into the sinus cavities. Because the upper jawbone’s purpose is to hold teeth, when teeth are missing, the bone shrinks, allowing the sinus cavity to get larger.

This is a problem when you want to replace that missing tooth with a dental implant. Dental implants require a minimum length for strength and stability. If there is not enough jawbone to support the correct length of implant, we perform a procedure called a sinus lift.

The sinus cavity is lined with a very thin membrane that separates the jawbone from the sinus cavity and its resident bacteria. During a sinus lift, your dentist prepares the jawbone site for the dental implant and then “lifts” the sinus membrane to place bone grafting material and the implant.

Sinus lifts are very predictable and successful. Because they allow your dentist to place a longer or optimal length dental implant, they contribute to a higher long-term success rate of the implant itself. Your dental surgeon maintains the separation between the sinus cavity and the oral cavity, so sinus lifts do not increase your risk for sinus infections or allergy problems. The implant functions to prop up the sinus membrane, holding everything in perfect position, so the sinus lift procedure itself usually accompanies the placement of the dental implant.

The actual sinus lift takes only a few minutes.

Sinus Lift for Dental Implants

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