Save Your Teeth from Halloween Treats – Posted October 2015

Halloween is right around the corner- which means plenty of candy for kids of all ages. Review some teeth saving facts from your San Antonio dentist.

Since Halloween is right around the corner, children and adults alike will feel obliged to indulge in candy a little more than usual. It’s tradition, right? Unfortunately, eating a large amount of candy in this short amount of time can hurt your teeth more severely than you know! In order to protect your smile, today your San Antonio dentist will be discussing what all of these candies can do to your teeth and how to avoid harming them.

Because the consumption of candy is tenfold on Halloween, teeth are more vulnerable than ever. This time of year, parents are less strict on their children to let them enjoy this spooky, fun holiday, but having some restriction is important. It’s no secret that sugar is known to cause cavities, where much of the problems begin in children dental issues. When children (and adults) consume sugar, the sugar is turned into bacteria and lives in the crevices and spaces between your teeth. If it’s left there without being properly cleaned, no matter how long, your teeth are consistently being harmed.

Cavities are small holes in your teeth created by acid erosions from bacteria lingering. The surface of your teeth, called your enamel, works to protect the center of your teeth, called the dentin. When your enamel is being worn down and damaged is when the risks of tooth decay increases. Of course, parents don’t wish to “ruin” their children’s Halloween night, a beneficial fact that parents can hold onto is that there are some candies that are better than others!

Although there is no candy that’s necessarily good for your oral health, chocolate candy and candies much like it easily dissolve in the mouth. These candies are more likely to be washed away by saliva or rinsing your mouth out with water. When you eat or allow your children to eat chewy, sticky candies, these are more likely to get stuck in between and on your teeth, lingering and causing a higher chance of cavities and tooth decay.

Here are some small, helpful tips to prevent damage to your teeth:

  • Although tempting, eat small amounts of candies and make sure to rinse your mouth out with water after eating. This lowers the acidity levels of the candy and helps protect your teeth a little bit more.
  • Eat candies that will dissolve in your mouth instead of eating chewy, sticky, or sour candies that will stick around longer.
  • And, as always, brush your teeth an hour after you’ve eaten and you’ll be able to continue protecting your teeth, just like any other day!

Don’t let Halloween be an excuse to harm your smile. Contact your San Antonio dentist for your bi-annual check-up appointment by calling (210) 910-1111 today!