How to Know If You Are Suitable for Same Day Implants

Dental Implants in San Antonio

The moment a tooth is lost, the gums and the bones that are supporting it will start to waste. It will start to disintegrate due to the fact that there is no longer any use for to since it no longer needs to support a bone. The longer time you wait before doing anything about it, the more tissues will be in the process decaying. This can also result in a more complicated surgery when trying to replace the lost tooth as well.

This is the reason why a lot of people now consider getting same-day implants. This is a procedure where the moment that a tooth has been removed, an implant is installed right away. This is to help prevent the bone from disintegrating and from wasting away in the process.

In the past, procedures like these would take months to do. The implants would need to be covered by gums first before they can be installed and they can be attached to where the tooth was lost. As the dental technology and techniques improve, this is no longer a necessity. Depending on the quality of the bone in the area where a tooth is getting pulled out, it is now more than ever possible for patients to get a new tooth directly attached to where one has just been removed.

You will need to undergo consultation though before you can determine whether you are qualified for the procedure or not, your dentist will have to assess the level of your bones, of your gums as well as the necessary aesthetics that are needed in order for the implant to be installed. If you are qualified for the procedure, then you will be informed so you can set an appointment on when to get your teeth pulled out and your implants be installed at the same time.

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