What is Root Canal Treatment?

Toothache? What to do?
When a tooth is inflamed, its vessels expand and press on the tooth nerve. This causes pain and swelling. A dentist should be immediately consulted, as the inflammation can spread and, in the worst case, the heart or brain may be infected in addition to the jaw and soft tissue.

Root Canal Treatment procedure
After proper analysis of your case, your dentist may recommend root canal treatment procedure. The tooth is drilled up to the tooth nerve (pulp) and subsequently removed. With the aid of certain instruments and an X-ray image, the length of the canal is then determined and this is cleaned with special drills, files and disinfecting rinsing solutions.
Depending on the extent of the inflammation, the final filling of the canal is performed either in the same treatment session or in a subsequent treatment session. If several treatment sessions are necessary, the tooth in the meantime is supplied with a medicinal insert. When the treatment is completed, the correct length of the root canal filling is checked with an X-ray image and the tooth is closed with a filling.

Advantages of Root Canal treatment
Root treatment has some advantages. Your tooth remains intact and can still be used to comminute food but does not react to cold or heat. In addition, no expensive dental prosthesis will come to you and if adjacent teeth have to rely on a bridge, the already treated tooth can serve as a support. This procedure is always carried out when the tooth mark (pulp) has died in the tooth cavity or has been inflamed due to penetrating bacteria.

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