Real Patient Stories

Dr. Cherukadu shaking a happy patients hand

“At Pearl Dentistry, I have always been treated with gentle care, and all my procedures have been excellent with great results. I like Dr. Sri’s care, personality and gentleness, and his staff is professional and accommodating. Thanks to them, I have very straight teeth.”

—Maria, Invisalign®

Real patient Maria portrait

“The doctors and assistants are great at Pearl Dentistry. They are very personable and care for their patients. I’d had bad dentistry in the past—a previous dentist talked me into pulling good teeth to have a bridge put in. With my new implant teeth from Dr. Sri, I can eat properly without worrying about taking out the flipper teeth I had, and I feel better about myself.”

—Diane M., implants and implant bridge

Real patient Diane portrait

“I had missing teeth, infected gums, a bridge that had shifted over time and cavities. I did a lot of research into dentists who specialize in implant and cosmetic dentistry before deciding on Dr. Sri and Pearl Dentistry.

“Everyone at the practice is friendly and courteous. I have been impressed with their level of professionalism and care, and how they kept me informed of each process. Dr. Sri has extensive knowledge of the latest procedures and has an artistic eye, which is important to me. He is meticulous—a stickler for each detail.

“Now, I have a better sense of self esteem, pretty smile and healthy gums.”

—Marcy, implants, gum surgery, bridge, veneers, extraction and cleaning

Real patient Marcy portrait

“My teeth were in super bad condition, and the treatment I received was totally life changing. There was no part that wasn’t outstanding. Dr. Sri left no stone unturned when it came to accomplishing what was needed. I like everything about him and his staff. A simple thanks is not enough when something changes your life!”

—Jorge, implants and bridges

Real patient Jorge portrait

“As a speech language pathologist, it is important for me to maintain good dental care. The patients I treat frequently focus on my lips, tongue and teeth, so maintaining healthy gums and teeth is essential to my practice.

“Dr. Sri performed several dental implant procedures and replaced my old dental crowns. He was thorough and gentle, and there was minimal pain involved with the dental implant procedures.

“His staff is friendly and polite. I can always schedule an appointment in a timely manner.

“My gums are healthier now, and my teeth are intact.”

—Patti, dental Implants and crowns

Real patient Patti portrait

“My experience with Dr. Sri has been great! He answers all my dental issues and concerns. The staff is so sweet, and they smile every time they see me. They always remind me about my appointments and answer any questions I have—very helpful.

“The crown and cleaning procedure went very well. I am not in pain anymore, my crown was done with no problems and my cleaning went very well. They always do an excellent job. Pearl Dentistry is a great place to come and get all your dental treatments done.”

—Rose, crown and cleaning

Real patient Rose portrait

“Dr. Sri was very patient and answered all my questions. He was polite and caring, and everyone in his office was nice, pleasant and caring. Now, I have a great smile, better eating habits, and I feel confident when meeting others.”

—Diane S., full-mouth implants

Real patient Diane portrait

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