In-Office Teeth Whitening with Opalescence BOOST at Pearl Dentistry San Antonio

Teeth whitening is a wonderful and conservative way to improve your smile. With the many options available over-the-counter, via internet sales, and through your dental office, it can be difficult to understand which option is best for you. This week’s article will cover professional teeth whitening during an in-office procedure using one of the highest quality products available to dentists today: Opalescence BOOST!

What is In-Office Teeth Whitening?

Unlike every other form of teeth whitening, in-office teeth whitening is a dental procedure performed in the dental office in which your dental professionals whiten your teeth for you. Other options, like professional take-home whitening trays and over-the-counter whiteners, require you to perform the tasks yourself. With in-office teeth whitening, you simply make an appointment, and then relax while we whiten your teeth.

The brand of in-office teeth whitening we perform at Pearl Dentistry is Opalescence BOOST by Ultradent, one of the most well respected manufacturers of dental materials. BOOST uses a high-powered whitening gel to make drastic changes in the color of teeth in just two short 20-minute sessions. The gel is such a high strength that it can cause chemical burns on the gums or tissues inside the mouth.

Your dentist San Antonio first applies a protective barrier or coating over your gums to keep the gel only on the teeth. We also use retractors to hold back your tongue and hold away the lips and cheeks. Continual monitoring is necessary to ensure the patient’s comfort throughout the procedure.

Most people achieve a minimum of three to four shades of whitening during their treatment, and many experience even greater changes. In-office teeth whitening, performed in your dentist’s office, is safe and effective.

What are the Advantages of In-Office Teeth Whitening?

The greatest advantage of in-office teeth whitening over other whitening options is the speed of your results. You can experience noticeably whiter teeth in just under an hour!

In-office whitening is also safer than other whitening techniques because dental professionals directly perform and oversee the entire process. Our dentists in San Antonio uses application techniques that protect your gums and sensitive areas of the teeth.

Another advantage that many of our patients appreciate is the ease of the in-office whitening procedure. Rather than taking home materials and maintaining responsibility for carrying out the whitening process, we do the work for you.

How Can I Get Started with In-Office Teeth Whitening?

Call Pearl Dentistry today to schedule a whitening consultation with our teeth whitening experts Dr. Srikanth Cherukadu. We can answer any questions you have about teeth whitening and schedule you for your BOOST visit, putting you on the fast track to a brighter, whiter smile.