New Teeth in One Day With Dental Implants in San Antonio

New teeth in one day with Dr. Cherukadu and a patient

Beautiful, Stable Full-Arch Replacement Teeth

If you have been suffering with many broken-down or missing teeth and are looking for a permanent end to your woes, we can help. We see many patients who have experienced extensive dental disease and tooth loss, and we believe this should not prevent you from having a stable, beautiful smile that functions like natural teeth. That’s why we are proud to offer New Teeth in One Day for our patients, a life-changing treatment option that restores near-natural chewing power and an attractive smile within a 24-hour period.

How New Teeth in One Day Works

With the New Teeth in One Day procedure, Dr. Sri replaces an entire arch of missing or damaged teeth with a natural-looking and -acting set of new teeth attached to just four to six dental implants. The implants are placed strategically in the
optimal areas of dense jawbone to provide the stability needed for immediate placement of a full arch of provisional new teeth.

On the day of the procedure, Dr. Sri will extract any remaining teeth and place the needed implants. Depending on the case, Dr. Sri may be able to place your custom temporary teeth that same day, or the following morning. You’ll then leave our office with a great new smile.

After about six months, once the dental implants have had the time to fully integrate with your jawbone, your temporary teeth will be replaced with strong and beautiful permanent teeth.

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$79 Consultation or Second Opinion for Dental Implants

  • Meet with the doctor
  • Digital X-rays
  • Learn about your treatment options
  • Get all your questions answered

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Skilled Dental Implant Expert

Dr. Sri is an expert in dental implant treatment and has earned the prestigious title of Associate Fellow of the Academy of Implant Dentistry. He knows how to plan for and perform implant treatment to achieve the optimal results for his patients.

High-Tech Dental Implants Procedure

Using the latest dental technologies allows Dr. Sri to provide precise and efficient New Teeth in One Day treatment. With our 3D CT scanner, he is able to find the densest areas of bone in your jaw that will provide the needed stability for implant placement. By angling the implants to connect with these areas, Dr. Sri can often avoid the need for bone grafting, even in patients who have experienced a high degree of bone loss due to long-term missing teeth and denture usage.

A patient standing with the 3D CT scanner

Patient Diane is shown the CT scanner.

Dr. Sri uses a facial scanner and intraoral scanner to capture 3D digital impressions of your face and the inside of your mouth to help him design the beautiful and precisely fitting teeth that will attach to your implants. These technologies make the dental implant procedure easier, more comfortable, less expensive, more predictable and less invasive.

Dr. Cherukadu using a facial scanner on a patient

Dr. Sri using his facial scanner.

Advantages of New Teeth in a Day Implants

The New Teeth in One Day treatment provides many benefits for our patients, including the following:

  • The New Teeth in One Day procedure restores near-natural chewing power, so you can enjoy eating anything you want!
  • Bone density in your jaw is preserved thanks to the full-force chewing power New Teeth in One Day implants provide.
  • The new teeth will not move around or cause sores in your mouth like traditional dentures do.
  • Dental Implants need time to fully integrate with the jawbone before permanent teeth can be attached, and New Teeth in One Day patients do not have to endure this interim period of time without teeth or wearing a regular denture; instead, they enjoy an immediate new smile with teeth that are firmly attached to their implants.
  • New Teeth in a Day is a permanent solution for full-arch teeth replacement. With proper care, the implants and final teeth can last your lifetime.

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Real patient Diane portrait

“Now, I have a great smile, better eating habits, and I feel confident when meeting others.”

—Diane S., full-mouth implants


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