Snap-On Dentures in San Antonio

Millions of Americans have no teeth at all. Many of these patients wear dentures to replace their missing teeth, and many are unhappy with the way the dentures fit and function. This is why we offer snap-on dentures here at Pearl Dentistry in San Antonio.

Denture Stabilization With Snap-On Dentures

Snap-on dentures or Implant Overdentures as they are sometimes called are a new and improved alternative to traditional dentures. Most of us grew up with the idea that the solution for someone who has lost all their teeth is to get a denture—a removable full arch of false teeth that is held in place only by suction and denture adhesive. However, anyone who has worn a traditional denture for a while becomes very familiar with the many drawbacks of this outdated form of teeth replacement. Dentures easily slip and move, growing increasingly loose over time as they grind down the bone ridge beneath your gums. They cause sores and offer very little in terms of chewing power, requiring a limited diet that likely lacks the foods that are needed to ensure proper nutrition.

Fortunately, Dr. Sri has a far superior option for people who need full-arch teeth replacement: snap-on dentures that are anchored by dental implants. Our patients who have experienced both regular and snap-on dentures resoundingly prefer this solution.

Snap-On Dentures

Snap-On Dentures Procedure

The main difference between snap-on dentures and traditional dentures is that the dentures are attached to implants. This means you must undergo a procedure in order to have implant overdentures. Many patients may need more than one procedure depending on the situation. Because each patient’s situation and treatment plan is different, we will go over your specific procedures with you so you will know what to expect. 

In general, we will start by determining if you have enough bone to support implants. This is usually followed by a procedure for the placement of the implants. After this, some time for healing is needed  and for the bone to fully attach. Finally full dentures will be created and attached.

Benefits of Implant Supported Dentures

Dental implants have revolutionized traditional dentures by providing firm anchors for the denture to attach. We stabilize dentures using a minimum of two dental implants in the jawbone. The connection between the implant and the denture is through a specialty abutment called a “locator”. The locator has a corresponding receiver on the inner surface of the denture. This allows the denture to snap firmly into place and stay securely in place throughout any normal function.

An implant over denture which is most commonly called Snap-on dentures has many advantages over a traditional denture, including:

 No embarrassing looseness or falling out when eating or speaking – Because the denture is firmly attached to the dental implants, which are anchored in bone, the denture does not move around or dislodge during normal function.

 Better chewing force – Traditional dentures are unable to produce a strong chewing force because they rest on top of bone and gums. Implant over dentures/snap on dentures connect directly to the jawbone, enabling you to exert a stronger chewing force. Many people forget that chewing is the first, and very important, step in digestion!

 Fewer  or no sore spots – Most sore spots are the result of the denture moving around and putting more pressure on some areas of the gums than others. The friction of the denture acrylic rubbing against the gums can cause large, painful ulcers. Because an implant over denture/snap on dentures does not move, there are very few sore spots.

 Smaller denture base – Many patients feel that traditional dentures look and feel too bulky. They must have a certain thickness and extension under the lips, cheeks and tongue in order to stay in your mouth. Implant over dentures/ snap on denture use the abutment-denture connection to stay in place, so these long extensions of acrylic are unnecessary. Implant over dentures / Snap on denture can be smaller and more natural.

 Healthier jawbone – The only purpose of the jawbone is to hold teeth. When teeth are missing, the jawbone naturally shrinks over time. By placing dental implants, we can “trick” the jawbone into thinking teeth are present, and this maintains the height and thickness of the jawbone.

Implant Supported Dentures at Pearl Dentistry

Dr. Sri places a minimum of two dental implants for a snap-on denture. Each implant has a special connection point at its tip that snaps into a corresponding socket on the denture. This gives the denture the stability it needs to provide the above listed benefits, all while still being easily removable by the wearer for cleaning, etc.

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