Fixed Full Mouth Dental Implants in San Antonio

Fixed full-mouth dental implants give you a way to replace all of your missing teeth without having to wear something removable. Many people do not want a denture that requires removal every night, no matter how well it fits. The opposite of removable, in dentistry, is “fixed.” A fixed dental restoration is not removable by the patient.

A normal, healthy adult mouth typically contains 28 teeth (assuming the four wisdom teeth have already been removed). Replacing these with dental implants does not have to utilize 28 dental implants. We commonly use a combination of single tooth dental implants and dental implant bridges or a treatment called New Teeth in One Day to replace all the teeth in this manner.

Combination of Single Tooth and Dental Implant Bridges

The advantage of doing a combination of single tooth implants and implant bridges is that the restorations emerge directly from your natural gums. It also allows you to have separation between some of the teeth for a natural tooth appearance and access for flossing. This option uses a greater number of dental implants and requires a larger quantity of healthy jawbone.

New Teeth in One Day

New Teeth in One Day is a wonderful option for patients missing all the teeth in an arch. It uses four to six strategically placed dental implants to support a full arch of missing teeth. These teeth are connected into a single unit that attaches to the four implants via screw retention. This is an example of “same-day smiles” in which the dentist extracts the teeth, places the implants, and attaches the new teeth all in a single visit.

Which One is Best?

Your dentist will determine the best locations to dental implant placement to restore all of the teeth. The best type of restoration for your specific needs is determined by both the health of the jawbone and the position of the prosthetics attached to the implants.

Fixed Full Mouth Dental Implants

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