Emergency Toothache Services

Dentist in 78240 area offers emergency services for toothaches

When patients in the area of 78240 hear about root canal therapy from their dentist, they often think of discomfort. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth! Root canal therapy is a procedure performed by a dentist to actually relieve patients from pain. It is done with proper anesthetics and sedation for optimum patient comfort.

Root canal therapy is often performed to save a tooth. It is sometimes the only alternative to permanent extractions. Root canal therapy is done to keep a tooth’s structure with the removal of the dental pulp within. The dental pulp is the mass of tissues inside of the tooth that includes the nerves and blood supply that keep the tooth alive. If these tissues have become infected, they can cause patients to have an extreme toothache that may require immediate treatment. Removal is done while patients are comfortable. The inner portion the tooth is disinfected to remove any bacteria and then filled with a material called gutta percha. The tooth is then sealed with composite resin bonding, followed with the placement of a dental crown in many cases.

The entire process is done right in our practice without the need for a referral to a specialist. This makes it possible for patients to obtain this and other treatments with the dentist they already know and trust. Our team of professionals are here to help patients in addressing emergency situations such as toothaches and get relief as soon as possible with treatments such as root canal therapy.

If you are interested in learning more about our emergency services or any of our other treatments available to new and existing patients, now is the time to make an appointment with Dr. Srikanth Cherukadu Vasalaa. Pearl Dentistry is available for patients in the area of San Antonia at 8714 Fredericksburg Road #106. Our practice can be reached by calling (210) 910-1111 to schedule a consultation appointment with Dr. Srikanth Cherukadu Vasalaa and learn about the benefits of undergoing root canal therapy to save a tooth!