Emergency Dentist in San Antonio for your toothache!

Toothache, loosened crowns, or broken teeth usually occur when it is least suitable: at night, on weekends or on holiday. Toothaches are an important signal of the body that something is wrong with your teeth or the jaw. So do not ignore them and a schedule an appointment with your emergency dentist in San Antonio, Dr.Srikanth Cherukaduat pearldentistrysa.com. Unfortunately, a toothache does not always adhere to the opening hours of your dental practice. If, for example, in the evening or at the weekend sudden problems occur, this can quickly become very unpleasant. Although Over the Counter pain medication can bring about a temporary relief, in many cases these are not sufficient or are simply not at hand. So that you do not stand helpless with your suffering, you can turn to your emergency dentist in San Antonio.

Professional Dental Care

This emergency dentist in San Antonio is always there for you, to treat all your dental emergencies. With Dr. Srikanth Cherukadu, you are always in good hands, we always do our best to provide you with best of quality care, After a thorough initial examination they document your current oral and health condition.

This professional dentist advise you what you can do for your dental health. You will get tips for a dental-friendly diet and proper dental care. If you still have regular check-ups and preventive measures in the dental practice, you have very good chances of a life without a toothache. Unfortunately, even in the most thorough cleaning in tooth gaps or niches, bacteria remain, which can cause caries, gum infections and periodontal disease. With a professional tooth cleaning in their practice, they can effectively remove these bacteria and ensure a healthy oral flora. 

Early detection of Caries with modern diagnostics

Even if you always brush your teeth carefully, dental plaque is always formed. As a gentle bio film, natural ingredients from the saliva protect your teeth first. Bacteria are responsible for the decomposition of nutrients on the surface. However, when sugary food sticks to the surface, they also form dangerous acids that attack the molten tooth and dissolve calcium. This leaves the molten tooth and makes it susceptible to caries bacteria.

In an enlarged display on the screen and with laser technology, we visualize defects already in the initial stage and then treat them with their specialised technique. For appointment with Dr. Srikanth Cherukadu, your emergency dentist in San Antonio, please dial (210) 910-1111.