Dental Implant Bridge in San Antonio

A common misunderstanding of dental implants is the assumption that you must have one dental implant per tooth replacement. This is false, and that is good news! If you are missing multiple teeth in a row, you have the option of replacing them with a dental implant bridge.

A dental implant bridge is similar to a tooth-supported bridge in a few ways.

  • Both types of bridges include dental restorations where the new artificial teeth are fused together. This prevents the ability to floss normally. Some extra oral hygiene tools are necessary.
  • Both include a “pontic”, which is a fake tooth that is not attached to the jawbone in any way (via either a tooth or a dental implant). The pontic seems to rest on top of the gums.

A dental implant bridge differs from a natural tooth bridge in several ways.

  • It replaces multiple missing teeth instead of just one.
  • It does not require support from any natural teeth.
  • Implant bridges do not destroy any natural tooth structure, whereas a natural tooth bridge uses at least two natural teeth for support.
  • A dental implant bridge has a much higher long-term success rate.
  • Implants supporting a bridge cannot get cavities, but teeth supporting a bridge can.
  • A dental implant bridge usually involves a minimum of two implants to replace three or more teeth.

A dental implant bridge is a wonderful treatment option for several teeth missing in a row. It allows you to get multiple teeth replacements out of only two dental implants.

Dental Implant Bridge

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