Dental Emergencies 101

How to Save a Toothache with Your Emergency Dentist in San Antonio

Toothaches! They can come upon any person, regardless of  ‘degree’ or ‘pedigree,’ ie: whether rich or poor. It is quite a humbling experience to be brought low by the tooth that speaks truth. In order to treat those ‘thirty-two best friends’ well, you have to both monitor the food you munch on and commit to keeping them healthy with regular brushing and flossing, as well as bi-annual visits to our office for professional cleanings.  A toothache, or any pain emanating from one’s mouth, is a definite sign of the job for ‘Super Dentist’ professional who can evaluate and get to the root of the problem using the best of dental equipment, tools, and years of intense study and training.  We do not recommend self-diagnosis of what is and is not a dental emergency, so we have written this article to assist you in basic understanding of when you need to get to an emergency dentist in San Antonio ASAP!

When in doubt, let the experienced dental professional explain what it is all about!

Not all pain comes because of tooth decay and not all situations warrant being called an authentic dental emergency. Besides the obvious decayed tooth bringing a throbbing toothache, a dental emergency requiring immediate phone consult with your dental professional would be that involving dental trauma. For an example, any injury sustained to the teeth or ligaments and bones in gum structure, injury to the soft tissue of mouth area such as lips and gums, or facial swelling is your mouth telling you that’s something very wrong!

Tooth fractures are also considered dental emergencies as the tooth or teeth may have been loosened from the socket.  Loss of tooth by blunt impact to mouth is a definite emergency situation. Time is of the essence with this because the tooth may be able to be put in place again. If one cannot hold the knocked out tooth in place with tongue, place the tooth in a glass of milk or within a container with patient’s saliva; stay calm, and go directly to the nearest dental professional.

If you believe you’re suffering from one of the incidents mentioned above, don’t hesitate to contact your emergency dentist in San Antonio by calling our office at (210) 910-1111!