Stop Smoking and Save Your Smile

Cosmetic Dentist San Antonio TX on Why to Quit Smoking!

For years, health professionals have warned smokers about the dangers of tobacco products. Often times, it has been doctors like your cosmetic dentist in San Antonio TX who is not only making patients aware, but doing a lot of the “clean-up work” after tobacco products have already taken their toll on a long timer user.

We specified long time user above because, well, most substantial damage from cigarettes does not occur immediately. It usually does take a little bit of time and addiction for cancers, organ issues and/or tooth loss to occur for smokers- and this is why, we perceive, many may not quit right away. No immediate fear or danger. One area there is immediate harm? Your mouth.

Below we have listed a few immediate ways you can see relief from stopping your habit. For a few more examples, as well as more detailed information, you can click through to this article.

Fresher Breath- smoking can be one of the most common causes of bad breath. In fact, most smokers realize how unpleasant their breath can be after a smoke and use mints, gum and mouth wash to cover it up. You can see substantial relief to halitosis by quitting your habit altogether.

White Teeth- from day one, nicotine, tar and more in cigarettes can start to stain the teeth- which can become more substantial over time. If you quit early enough, and maybe schedule a visit with your cosmetic dentist in San Antonio TX, we should be able to remove the yellowed surface stains and restore your smile.

For more information on how quitting smoking can help save your smile, head to the above link or schedule an appointment with your San Antonio TX cosmetic dentist Dr. Sri today by calling (210) 910-1111.