Why Choose Dental Implants over Dentures?

See Why Your Cosmetic Dentist in San Antonio TX Believes Dental Implants are a Reliable Restorative Option


There is a lot of possible reasons why a dental implant is a wise option over dentures. For one, Dental implants deliver more advantages compared to dentures. Second, dental implants’ functioning and appearance closely resembles the natural teeth. In addition to comfort and convenience on the user’s part, your Cosmetic Dentist in San Antonio TX has listed several other winning points for dental implants:


Lifelong benefits


Because dental implants require bone grafting; some of your teeth root will be replaced. This will preserve your jaw’s correct and natural structure positively, affecting your face’s overall appearance.

Those temporary caps and other devices used in bone grafting complete the foundation of a dental implants. This will result in a very sturdy placement of your artificial teeth that can last for decades of proper use without a need for replacement.


Secured placement


Dentures may require dental adhesive to be secured to avoid embarrassing accidents of snapping off in public while speaking. Dental implants works just like your natural tooth, it doesn’t need anything to be securely in place.



In cases of where only several teeth are missing, dentures can cause tooth decay in the healthy adjacent teeth. In addition, the movement of an improperly fitted denture can cause pressure on the neighboring teeth and on the surrounding gums as well, bringing discomfort or pain on the user.

Long-time effects of denture usage will be damaging to your bone teeth and jaw structure since regeneration of tooth root after extraction will be impossible without bone graft required in the preparation of dental implants.

Dental implants are the closest option you can get to experience natural looking and functioning permanent teeth.

Every case is different, and some of these advantages we cite might not be good for you. But you can make an informed decision together with your trusted Cosmetic Dentist in San Antonio TX. He will work with you to determine the best treatment plan which should beneficial in the long run.