Bye-bye Microbeads

Who doesn’t desire a brighter, whiter smile?

Well since Dr. Sri, your general dentist in San Antonio TX, has very few patients who DO NOT desire a whiter smile- he offers the top of the line teeth whitening procedures to all of his amazing patients, day in and out.

But what about keeping up that white smile while not in our office? For this, many patients will turn to whitening toothpastes that they use twice daily…and these toothpastes have just seen a tremendous change come their way.

Typically, there are two types of whitening toothpastes. One with, and one without, microbeads that can remove surface stains from the teeth. And while these beads succeed in that process over time, they do not succeed so well in breaking down, biodegrading, after they are washed down the drain. It is at this point that these tiny beads of plastic can harmfully become one with the ecosystem, the animals and water, and end up impacting humans negatively in the long run.

You can find out about this study, as well as what the ban means for manufacturers, by reading more HERE.

Before you go running out trying to replace your whitening toothpaste with another, consult your general dentist in San Antonio TX at your next visit on what would be a good choice for you!

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