All-On-4 Implants in San Antonio

At Pearl Dentistry San Antonio, we are committed to offering our patients a wide variety of treatment options. We know that some patients have experienced extensive dental disease and tooth loss. We believe this should not prevent you from having a stable, beautiful smile that functions almost as well as natural teeth. Our solution for many of these cases is all-on-4.

What is All-on-4 Implants ?

All-on-4 is a replacement of an entire dental arch of teeth that is supported by four implants in the jawbone. All-on-4 Implants functions well on both the upper jaw and the lower jaw. It is classified as a “fixed-hybrid” prosthesis, which means it is somewhere between an attached bridge and a removable denture. It is like a bridge in that it attaches to the dental implants; it is not removable. It is like a denture in that it replaces all of the teeth in the arch.

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How Does All-on-4 Implants Work?

In all-on-4 restorations, a minimum of four implants are surgically placed into the jawbone at very specific angles. The angulation of the implants provides greater stability and eliminates the need for any bone grafting.

A provisional, or temporary, denture is placed directly onto the implants the same day of surgery. While these provisional dentures do not supply normal function, they do provide the appearance of teeth.

After the implants have fully healed into the jawbone, the final denture is made and attached to the implants. Once the final denture is in place, you return to full chewing function!

What are the Advantages of All-on-4 Implants

  • Immediate Teeth – By placing a provisional denture on the implants the day of surgery, you never have to go without teeth. This is an obvious advantage for people who need to return to work quickly and cannot afford to go without teeth for months while the implants heal.
  • Better Comfort – The implants support the denture. This solid support allows us to make the denture small, with less chance of pinching or extending too far into the cheeks or under the tongue. There is also less risk of changes in your speech than with a traditional denture.
  • No Gagging – An all-on-4 for the upper teeth does not have to cover the palate. Therefore, there is not bulky material stimulating a gag reflex, as many people experience with traditional dentures.
  • Improved Appearance – With implant support, there is less bulk to the denture. An all-on-4 will not make the face, lips, and cheeks look too full. In addition, you will never experience the embarrassment of your denture falling out as you eat or speak.
  • No Need for Removal – The all-on-4 denture is attached to the implants with a screw, which is only accessible by your dentist. It can be removed for cleaning as needed. In general, it will stay in place for months at a time. There is no need to take it out at night or any other time.

What Is The Most Important Thing to Know About All-on-4 Implants ?

You must strictly follow every post-operative instruction! Proper healing of the implants into your jawbone requires a soft diet for several months. Adhering to the strict instructions is absolutely essential for a good long-term prognosis. The risk of implant failure increases as forces are put on the implant. Let them heal as long as your doctor prescribes so that you can enjoy using them for the rest of your life!

All On Four Implants

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