New Teeth in One Day With Dental Implants

New Teeth in One Day

New Teeth in One Day is a dental treatment using dental implants to restore all of the missing teeth in a dental arch (either the upper or lower jaw).  It is an alternative to traditional dentures, and it provides many advantages over dentures.

What is New Teeth in One Day?

New Teeth in One Day can also be called All-on-X, where the “X” refers to the dental implants placed into the jawbone and the “All” refers to the prosthesis that replaces all of the missing teeth in that arch.  The procedure gained popularity using four dental implants to support the prosthetic teeth, but in recent years, implant experts found that more than four implants might produce better results in some cases.  Rather than committing to only four implants, doctors often use a customized number of implants that will best support each unique case.

How Does New Teeth in One Day Work?

Like a traditional denture, the prosthesis will contain prosthetic (fake) teeth to restore the patient’s ability to chew.  Unlike a traditional denture, this prosthesis anchors into the dental implants, forming a connection with the jawbone.  This provides chewing function and stability that is far superior to traditional dentures.

Advantages of New Teeth in One Day

New Teeth in One Day is not removable by the patient.  Once your dentist attaches the prosthesis onto the dental implants, they remain in your mouth until a future dental visit.  This means that you have no embarrassing moments of “taking out your teeth”.  It also eliminates looseness during speaking, laughing, or eating.

Due to its anchorage in the jawbone, New Teeth in One Day provides a healthy, predictable chewing ability that helps patients maintain great nutrition and overall health.

In many cases, your dentist can place New Teeth in One Day implants and prosthesis at the same visit as the extraction of any remaining teeth, which means you do not have to go a single day without teeth.

More Questions about New Teeth in One Day?

Call Pearl Dentistry today and schedule a consultation with Dr. Sri, our dental implant expert.  He can assess your unique situation and help you determine whether New Teeth in One Day can meet your oral health needs.